Video – Palm Pre Need for Speed

The Palm Pre is a lot of things to a lot of people but there is something that has always lacked and been incapable of doing, it just can’t game can it?

Okay we know it’s capable of playing games like Magic Fortune Ball greatly but when it comes to that intensive 3D action we all love to see it just doesn’t do it. The reason for that is that the webOS and the Mojo SDK can’t currently exploit the GPU in the way that other smartphones can.

Saying all that though go back just a couple of weeks and we have the video of EA’s Need for Speed Undercover running strangely smoothly on a Pre. The video did at the time claim that the device was running flash but they were shot down as fake almost immediately due to the accompanying screen caps of the new App Catalog.

Well blow me down, those same screen caps have been vindicated today with the webOS 1.3.5 update that also just so happened to launch a new App Catalog matching the leaked images. To find out more simply visit engadgetmobile.com

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