WiFi Certification for Verizon Pre Perhaps?

As most are aware, the Palm Pre smartphone has been rumoured to be on its way to Verizon Wireless, really it’s basically just a matter of time before the Big Red gets the smartphone reports engadget

But there appears to be a WiFi Certificate showing on the WiFi Certified Database, which shows that the Palm Pre has gained WiFi certification, and although this doesn’t confirm the Palm Pre for Verizon, maybe with CES 2010 beginning with week, the Palm Pre for Verizon will finally be announced.

Sprint’s Palm Pre has a WiFi certification number of P100EWW, the certification number showing on this other Palm Pre is P101EWW and in the past there have been a couple of leaks concerning P101 associated with Verizon.

So maybe this P101EWW Palm Pre is actually the Verizon Pre getting ready for official announcement during CES 2010, of course at the moment this is just guess work, but no doubt we will soon find out when CES 2010 begins.

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