Mobile Phones in UK Prisons Hold a Terror Threat

It appears that the quantity of smuggled mobile phones and SIM cards found in UK prisons is on the increase, as in only 2 years that quantity has more than trebled while doubling in quantity in high security prisons alone reports an article on the Telegraph.

The shadow security minister, Baroness Neville-Jones has warned that the growing quantity of illegal mobile phones is a terror threat while extremists are able to spread messages of hate even though after being locked up.

In 2008, 8099 mobile handsets and SIM cards were confiscated in prisons in England and Wales which is more than 3 times that of 2272 confiscated in 2006.

A report from the Quilliam Foundation, a counter extremist think tank, in November claimed that terrorism suspects and extremists used smuggled mobile devices to deliver messages to their supporters or to access the net.

Image via switched