Google kills the iPhone is it possible?

Google’s Android 2.0 will have well and truly got its feet under the table by the time the next gen iPhone is unleashed during the summer of 2010.

How could the Android 2.0 take down the iPhone before Apple can even get the newbie out of Cupertino. The single most greatest thing about Android 2.0 has to be the free satnav system and this is only going to get better as it gets to the big screen phones from HTC.

Android 2.0 gives stacks of camera support including zoom, white balance, macro focus and a scene mode. Don’t forget with the 8MP Android offering due later this year from Motorola the iPhone will definitely be well off the pace.

Google Goggles which was shown off on US TV late last year, it is a simple idea just snap a picture with your Android phone and Google searches for info for you. You can take a picture of your local pub and it’ll give you reviews, news and anything else it can find of interest. To find out other ways that the Google Android is capable of tackling the iPhone simply visit electricpig.co.uk


2 thoughts on “Google kills the iPhone is it possible?”

  1. Federico says:

    JAVA over native OSX? You got to be a retard to believe that or are nothing more than a shill for all things anti-apple.