Fancy upgrading your mobile without the cost?

If you were lucky enough to get a new mobile phone for Christmas 2008 then if it was purchased on contract it could be up for renewal some time soon. You may even be entitled to a cheap or even better totally free handset.

If you haven’t reached the end of your contract yet, you can still purchase a new handset and put your sim into that. But this is any expensive option as buying a mobile phone without a contract I.e. sim-free means paying the full price for the phone. The Nokia N97 smartphone will set you back £449 from Nokia.

An option that is a bit cheaper is to buy a pay as you go tariff and put your sim into that, be careful though as some will be locked to certain networks. The strongest position to be in is if you are entitled to a new handset.

Networks offer existing customers a new phone very cheap or even free, the cost is subsidized as you will be committing to another contract period of line rental and cal charges. You may want to consider switching networks. Source – dailymail.co.uk

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