Apple to update the iPhone 3GS’s Wi-fi to 802.11N or will they

There has been a posting that identifies an Apple Job description is alluding to 802.11N wireless in the next iPhone.

‘the ideal candidate should possess excellent underwriting and working knowledge of 802.11 implementations on embedded preferably mobile platforms’. Although the posting isn’t that telling it does allude to an iPhone engineer (software) that would need 802.11 experience.

The two gadget sites that have spotted this job posting both believe that this relates to the iPhone 4G having Wireless N capability.

The iPhone 3GS does already have the Broadcom hardware to connect to 802.11 together with FM Radios which rumor has it is on route via an app. So the question is when will Apple turn on N Networking on the 3GS. Source – 9to5mac.com

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