First attempt at Android for Acer the Liquid fails

The Liquid is the first attempt by Acer at an Android phone and while it looks the part with a few redeeming features it would seem the company’s lack of prior experience in the market of Androids seems very apparent in the Liquid.

Following it’s recent dive into the mobile market in 2009 after the purchase of E-Ten back in 2008 they have failed to impress the market so far with the four Windows Mobile smartphones they have released.

They are however, planning, to launch a new set of devices later on this year.
First off the Liquid looks like a good although bulky phone at 12.5mm thick. It also lacks any kind of a slide out keyboard.

It has a 3.5 inch display which is bright and clear and has an impressive 480 x 800 resolution touchscreen making those that like to browse the web do it with ease. The camera is a 5 megapixel which isn’t bad but without a flash you need a well lit background. Source – theinquirer.net