Verizon ready for Palm Pixi and Palm Pre

Yes here we have some great news for Palm fans as we hear that Verizon are all geared up and ready for the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi, not surprising really if you have been following recent rumors and developments.

The Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi both have apparently started to appear in Verizon inventory and if we are to believe the rumors then they have placed orders for approximately 200,000 Palm Pre‘s and 200,000 Palm Pixi’s.

Okay so let’s think about it that isn’t really a huge number is it, maybe just a sign of the times. If your left scratching your head thinking this over consider this.

The Droid is out, the iPhone continues to sell and Google is about to release the Nexus One possibly tomorrow in fact. Does that mean that there wont be very much breathing space for the Pre and the little Pixi? I suppose only time will tell and if you are a Verizon customer probably worth taking a look at. Source – examiner.com

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