Vodafone are offering one Nokia N900 for free

In order to celebrate Electricpig hitting CES in the style it deserves, powered by Vodafone there is a Nokia N900 up for grabs.

This will be given away to one lucky reader and the best bit about it is, all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these fantastic phones is to leave your contact details and…

Just say how you would use the phone to be in with the chance of having one of these all to yourself. The superb Nokia N900 is a super smartphone which runs Maemo software to let it multi task, run apps and browse the web.

Oh yes almost forgot it also will let you make the odd phone call or two. It is truly a real potable computer and is even capable of live logging text, photo’s and videos to the web when your out and about. For more information head off to mirror.co.uk


5 thoughts on “Vodafone are offering one Nokia N900 for free”

  1. peter nash says:

    i would use this phone to help me in my engineering degree, it would solve all my carrying issues regarding taking phone, mp3 player and trying to find a computer in uni. I could keep in touch with my mates by the standard phone method or social networking online. this phone is what my life needs and i have been needing for ever

  2. Mohammed Hussain says:

    I have read so many reviews about the up coming N900 and I would like to use to replace my netbook I see the phone as a tablet computer which can offer me all the functionality to sync with outlook emails,meetigs (I would never be late again), open work documents (can check my spelling) , PDF’s use excel (create pretty graphs for work) also also the social networking abilties to keep in touch with all friends and family in this facebook world. The phone would offer valuable use both for productive and fun use and would love to get hold of one, but the recession is not been kind 🙁

  3. lee says:

    i would use this to replace my unusable n97 that nokia conned me out of 500quid for!
    even running fw 2.0 it still is unusable, too many bugs, and the n900 is opensource so i can mod it to death!

  4. Paul Ellis says:

    I would use the phone to show my gadget-freak brothers that there is an iphone-beater and it’s the N900. Other than that.. just about everything!