4 Official Google Nexus One Superphone Videos

You know what it’s like, you wait ages for one to come along and then several all hit at once, well as Google have now made their latest Android smartphone official, the Nexus One, we have a few official videos for your viewing entertainment.

Apparently the Nexus One is no longer a smartphone but as Google have put it, it is a ‘superphone’ and according to an article over on techcrunch, Google demonstrated several of the Nexus One’s features including voice input and a new photo application.

And we have 4 Official Nexus One videos which can be viewed below and cover ‘web meets phone’, camera and 3D gallery, voice input, and customisation with live homescreens.

Combined, the videos last approximately nearly six minutes of Nexus One goodness, with the most impressive video being the ‘web meets phone,’ so hit them up and see what you think.

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