Google Nexus One all the details

It most certainly is the story most people are talking about the launch of the Google Nexus One. The Smartphone, the Nexus One. Speculation grew throughout the day that Google were preparing to reveal the details of the model.

In the end attendees at the invitation only event at Google’ s Mountain View HQ were the first to see the Nexus One in action. After such a glorious event for the web company its about time we have a close look at the details now on this amazing phone.

A few basic facts that you may or not have known, it has been branded the super phone by the search company. It has been built in partnership with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC it is powered by a snapdragon processor and utilises the functions of Google’s own Android operating system.

It has noise cancellation technology and also voice recognition, the cost directly from Google will be £331 and it is going to be made available in the US on T-Mobile. British consumers will be pleased to hear it will eventually be available on Vodafone with other networks expected to follow shortly afterwards. To find out more simply visit infinitepath.co.uk