Video: Samsung Diva S5150 Flip with LED Display

If you are into the over-the-top quilted design with a mobile phone then the Samsung Diva S5150 Flip phone will probably send you into extreme fits of joy because if one thing it is its design is a high sheen quilt.

The guys over at engadget mobile manages to spend a few minutes with the first two Samsung Diva handsets, the Samsung S5150 Flip and Samsung S7070 Touch and they have a video of the Samsung S5150which we have for your viewing pleasure below.

The video only last a few short seconds, but it does give you a view of the gilded quilt design which sports not an LCD display but rather an LED display.

They do say though that when it comes to user interface and functionality you won’t find anything new with the Samsung Diva S5150 handset, so hit up the video and see what you think.

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