BlackBerry Curve 8900 Official OS Available

We’ve seen quite a few of these OS 5.0 updates over the months, some leaked and some official, and now it is the turn of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 as the guys over at crackberry report that the official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is now available from multiple carriers.

They do say though that if you are already running the leaked version of OS on your BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone then there’s really no need to update because the official version is the exact same release.

No doubt more official OS 5.0 releases will follow in due course. And as this is an official release of OS there is no need for the usual disclaimer, but if this is your first time upgrading to OS 5.0 don’t forget to remove the vendor.xml file.

That’s all there is to say really other than if you want the official version then go get it and enjoy.