Hands on Samsung’s pico W9600

Samsung were fairly tame at the CES yesterday but the guy as engadget did manage to get hold of a rather nice bit of integrated projection fun.

The W9600 replaces W7900 from last year and like it’s predecessor the specs are a bit on the flimsy side. We do however know that it uses Texas Instruments WVGA chip for the projection.

It also has a five megapixel camera a really nice AMOLED display and that it can project videos pictures and even the phones interface. Projection phones are generally thought of as toys but ultimately we didn’t really see the reason that they actually existed.

Having said all that, the phone didn’t feel so much like a work in progress, it actually feels like a real phone with the wheel, finish, and branding. We doubt very much whether the W9600 will ever get to our pockets let alone any carriers but have a look at the pictures ands see for yourselves. Source- engadget.com


3 thoughts on “Hands on Samsung’s pico W9600”

  1. Mark A says:

    Samsung really come out with decent phones for less price, I don’t why they don’t sell much in US. I hate the samsung interface though.

  2. micro sd says:

    m not sure I would spend my hard earned ££ on one of these projectors. I could be swayed depending on the reviews it gets.