Android Vega Tablet Announced at CES 2010 by T-Mobile and ICD

While at CES 2010 T-Mobile along with Innovative Converged Devices announced their new Android tablet, the Vega reports an article over on stuff.tv, and the Vega is what is called a “family hub tablet.”

So what has the Vega got to do with mobile phones you may ask, well apparently the Vega works with both WiFi and 3G and comes with a T-Mobile SIM card and can send texts to family mobile phones, can do video chat, access the net for Facebook and the like and also has an FM radio.

Apparently the Vega has been design to be at home in the kitchen, is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 250 processor, and runs on the Android 2.0 operating system and can also enable family members to access a household calendar.

As for availability and price of the T-Mobile Vega tablet, neither have been announced as yet but should be out sometime later this year.

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