Google Nexus One Tethering enabled

You were informed about the Google Nexus One when it was rooted which was even before the official launch, and now just under a week since it’s launch we have an update for you.

The Nexus One has already been hacked, to enable wired and wireless tethering option in Android 2.1. The chaps over at XDA forums have released some add ons. These need to be flashed over the top of the existing Android 2.1 firmware in order for it to work.

This isn’t a fully fledged ROM but purely an add on pack which includes a custom kernel wireless tethering option. You will need to follow the steps if you wish to do so at your own risk, as always make sure you make a backup first using Nandroid.

Now that didn’t take very long did it?, with tethering now enabled, it definitely wont be very long before hackers enable multitouch functionality on the Google Nexus One either porting through the European version which is expected to have this functionality or from Motorola Milestone ROM. Source – redmondpie.com

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