Possibility of Mini Nexus One on the way?

It would seem that there is the possibility that Google may well be coming up with an enterprise version of the very much talked about Google Nexus One.

It has been rumoured that the Enterprise version would have a physical QWERTY keyboard and a larger battery. This is what Andy Rubin VP of Google engineering said whilst on stage at the ongoing CES 2010.

Originally the question asked to Rubin was whether Google will launch more phones during this year or not, or whether there was the possibility of a smaller version of the Nexus One on the way like the Nokia N97 mini to which Rubin nodded is head in an indication of no.

The Google Nexus One is the start of a very new breed of Superphone in the market said Rubin, he also said that Google wanted to make the purchasing phones for consumers more efficient and as a result the idea of buying the Nexus One directly through Google. Source- techie-buzz.com

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