Samsung launches slimmest phone ever the U700 slider

Samsung is known for their sleek and super slim devices and elegant slider phones, and there not much difference with the new Samsung U700 Slider phone.

It has been said that is is the slimmest phone ever and it is one of four slim models in the Ultra Edition II series. It is the slimmest slider ever to support high speed data transfers over HSDPA.

Let’s not get carried away and confuse the U700 with other fashion phones. The U700 has a complete set of functionalities and some remarkable options of course the design will be the first thing as always that will catch your eye.

Yes it has beauty all right and a slim body and glossy finish, Samsung have replaced the standard mechanical buttons with touch sensitive keys. Although the most attractive part of the Samsung U700 is probably the round navigation key beneath the display. To find out more on this amazing phone simply visit mobilewire.co.uk

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