HTC Touch.B gets renamed to HTC Smart

When you think of HTC you probably imaging an Android platform on a smartphone, but it appears with the HTC Touch.B, HTC went old school with the operating system and opted for Brew which seems a tad odd considering the close ties HTC has with Google reports best-mobile-contracts.

However, apparently Brew is to be HTC’s key to the GSM market and while high end 3G handset will use Google Android and Windows Mobile, Brew and the HTC Touch.B targets a lower end market.

The HTC Touch.B also gains a new name and will from hence forth be known as the HTC Smart and will pack a 2.8 inch touch screen, GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, 3 megaplxel camera and microSD expansion.

Other specs on the HTC Smart are not yet available, and no word on any pricing either, but it is expected the HTC Smart will see release with the HTC Photon and HTC Bravo