Plain and simple Tescos cheap and cheerful VX1i Party Phone

Tesco mobile customers are turning away from the high end range of phones in favour of a very nice cheap and cheerful mobile which is aimed at the forgetful party goers and night clubbers out there.

The VX1i Party phone is just £18.99 is currently one of the best sellers with sales of over a staggering 10,000 units in the two weeks prior to Christmas.

The device is offered on a SIM free basis, and according to the chief executive officer of Tesco Mobile it has been developed as an affordable replacement, temporary phone or an alternative to an exclusive phone.

Tesco’s themselves have been pleasantly surprised by the success of the device and they even suggest that skinny jeans could have helped lead to the impressive sales for the teeny weeny slim line handset will fit nicely in any pair of skinny jeans. To read more visit pocket-lint.com

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