Love the first lacking iPhone? Get the G-Fi that adds Wireless GPS

Remember the first ever Apple iPhone 2G that had many features that excited us at first, but then all of a sudden Apple came out with the 3G that was very good, then there is the present 3GS with many more features that really did get us on the edge of our seat, well there is a new accessory for the first-gen iPhone 2G.

This new product is called the “G-Fi”, a simple chunky box that adds Wireless GPS to the iPhone, it is pretty similar to that of Mi-Fi that will create a Wi-Fi hotspot, and the only difference is that the G-Fi does not actually pipe in the internet.

This new product is $100 and will support up-to 200 devices that have Wi-Fi, you do need an app that is specific to this device and the iPhone 2G, this app is called Navmii and will set you back $33.

So if you prefer the iPhone 2G because it is simple and do not wish to spend loads on the iPhone 3GS version would you consider buying the G-Fi?

Source – Wired

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