The Plug pulled by Vodafone on Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

The Xperia X2 by Sony Ericsson was expected to be one of Vodafone’s flagship phones with the network tying up an exclusive deal for the Windows Mobile smartphone.

It was originally planned to be launched during last year, however, delays went on and on and now Vodafone have pulled the plug entirely. So that’s bad news for all you people out there waiting for a Sony Ericsson X2.

An official statement from Vodafone explained that it is no longer planning to sell the Xperia X2. “Vodafone UK will not be ranging the Sony Ericsson X2. The delivery date of the device with Windows 6.5 slipped pre Christmas due to a series of technical issues and we have taken the decision not to go ahead with the launch as it no longer fits with our planned portfolio”.

The device is available in other Sony Ericsson markets and Sony is disappointed not to be able to make this phone available to UK consumers. This really is shocking news for Sony fans out there itching to get there hands on the QWERTY smartphone. Source – mirror.co.uk

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