BlackBerry Outage on 17th Jan Planned by RIM and Rogers

As if there weren’t enough unplanned outages for BlackBerry toting people, it appears that on the 17th of this month there is to be an outage for BlackBerry users on BIS and BES systems according to an article over on crackberry.

The BlackBerry outage is a planned one by both Research In Motion and Rogers and apparently will have a down time from 02:00AM EDT to 06:00AM EDT and will be a national outage for Rogers customers.

Apparently this planned BlackBerry outage is due to maintenance so of course means customers may be unable to register a device, send and receive messages, brows the internet, roam in another location, and the like.

One saving grace is they have planned the outage for a reasonable time when hopefully most BlackBerry users will be asleep rather than using their BlackBerry smartphone, so it shouldn’t cause too much problem.


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