European Nexus One Costs €150 on Vodafone

If you’re not expecting to pick up a Nexus One off contract via Google and reside in Europe, a bit of information on the European version of the latest Android smartphone has just hit the net waves that shows the Nexus One will command a price tag of €149.90.

The information comes via a leaked document courtesy of unwired view, and shows that Vodafone Germany is to offer the Google Nexus One superphone for the mentioned $149.90 on contract, although just what terms that contract will be is unclear, presumably two years.

One could presume from the information that Vodafone will offer the Nexus One for roughly the same price point elsewhere in Europe, and it is rumoured Vodafone will begin selling the smartphone in the next few weeks but no final release date has been announced so far.

The Vodafone image puts the new Nexus One on a par price point with the likes of the LG BL40 Chocolate and Nokia N97 mini, while the Motorola Milestone which carried the Android banner previously can be gained for €99.

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