Google and Verizon send 9 page doc to FCC

A formula that can easily be applied to Google and Verizon Wireless’s approach to the Federal Communications Commission, is the quote the enemy of my friend is my friend as this is certainly the approach that they have taken on the subject of network neutrality the rules that mean that Internet providers treat all data the same.

This is what now hovers over any company trafficking in any digital data. Both Google and Verizon sent the FCC a 9 pages document together with separate documents that clearly highlight the similarities and the differences in their current positions.

The document is available if you wish to read it, although be prepared there is a lot to read but it does sum up the reasons the companies have decided to file the document with the FCC.

The question is though how will the FCC decide to rule. Okay so both Google and Verizon are partners together with Motorola with the successful Droid smartphone, but this goes far beyond that to the network data pipes and more important how they are managed. To read the document visit googlewatch.eweek.com

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