Latest creation from Apple coming 27th January

Apple have officially announced a very special event which is scheduled for just over a week away January 27th, in San Francisco.

The special event is to announce to the now awaiting public their latest creation. The question being asked now though is what can we expect at the event? Is it going to be a tablet a slate a massive iPod touch or a combination of all three.

The invite is obviously been sent to tempt and tease us all, with the caption ‘come see our latest creation’ the rumors however, are full flow and it seems the most common rumor if that’s the right word for it, is that it will be some kind of tablet device that will enable people to surf the net, watch movies, read e-books and more than likely perform other tricks.

Further speculation suggests that the device could be a 10 or 11 inch touch screen tablet offering not only a hefty price tag of $1,000 but wireless access. Of course at the moment all of this is just rumors and nothing concrete. As we find out more we will of course keep you informed. Source – news.cnet.com

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