PrimeTime2Go pre loaded on T-Mobile Bold 9700

Since the review was first done on PrimeTime2Go last year the service has been progressing and now it comes preloaded on T-Mobile’s Bold 9700.

It now offers over 60 prime time programs and come with a carrier billing option on the Bold 9700 for just $9.99 per month. Sadly there are still very few BlackBerry models that support this service.

More and more devices are being added though as they can be supported. It was last year experie3ncing some teething problems but it would seem that now looking at it on the T-Mobile Bold 9700 that most of those problems have been overcome.

The software has been made more useable, and the basic interface of the application is very much the same as when it first started out all the downloaded programs are still stored on the devices MicroSD card. You are able to play pause, and go back to the start but if you are distracted for a moment or two your out of luck unless you want to start from the beginning again. To find out more visit crackberry.com

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