Images of the BlackBerry Dakota or something else.

Apparently the picture we have here is definitely one of the older pre Dakota prototypes otherwise known as the magnum.

Don’t build your hopes up and expect to be purchasing this device any time soon or even any time not soon. Supposedly there is something much nicer and updated that actually works on its way.

The codename ‘Dakota’ has been heard for quite a while now. The Bold 9000 sized, 3G Touchscreen device with a full QWERTY keyboard that is also rumoured to be using a Liquid Lens which is designed for high quality images.

So what is this picture of? Is it a Dakota or is it more likely that what we have here is a Magnum prototype. Magnum was the predecessor to the Dakota whose design was scrapped and then transitioned into Dakota. Not a great deal else is known at this point, its not even sue what if any OS is loaded onto it. Source – crackberry.com

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