Skins for the Google Nexus One are here

Come lets be honest we all knew that it wasn’t going to be too long before they turned up somewhere it was only a matter of time and now they have.

As we know Gelaskins is in no way ever been a slacker and they haven’t disappointed us this time either as they are one of the first companies out of the starting gate to offer up Nexus One versions of its very very highly thought of popular artist collection of skins.

Don’t panic if your not that keen on their own selection as you have the added option to make your own. And if your worried about the face of your device then again look no further as BodyGuardz has already got a Nexus One Full Body or Screen Only protector.

Other than that if you are really struggling to find what you want Amazon also has a small collection of plastic and silicone cases from varying vendors but you may just prefer to wait a little longer as we’re sure the usual will pump out some more cases just for you. Source- chipchick.com

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