What can you text fastest with?

Okay so this isn’t actually a scientific test but it is actually reasonably quite a fair one, as a man has gone to a lot of effort in to analysing the test and of course the results.

The devices used were firstly pen and paper, MacBook, iPhone, Apple Newton, Palm Treo 650 and Palm VX. Some details are a little troubling to say the least, as with handheld keyboards speed really depends on how often you use them.

The tester of the devices actually uses an iPhone as his main handheld and has done for the past 18 months. Obviously a dedicated BlackBerry or Pre user would do better with a hardware QWERTY than what the tester did.

With that taken into account then it would be pretty much impossible to have a really fair test. So take the results lightly the laptop came out in front which isn’t really a great surprise, with the iphone, Treo and the good old fashioned pen and paper all about the same. To find out more visit gizmodo.com

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