AT&T iPhone exclusivity ending and Apple Event Wednesday, funny that!

Probably something you wont hear again in relation to the iPhone is that’s its tied to AT&T. Or will we?

Okay so it isn’t actually set in stone yet, but that is the latest rumour. A source from Hot Hardware feels very confident that AT&T will be about to lose their exclusivity during the big Apple event this week.

If this speculation turns out to be correct, take that with the announcement of beta release iPhone 4.0, then Apple’s iPhone sales should hit the roof. Especially as some people avoided the iPhone purely because of AT&T.

So the question is where will the iPhone go? Is there going to be an unlocked version available, unfortunately we don’t know the answer as of yet, however we would expect to have some answers following the Apple event. We would expect an announcement in relation to the tablet, the iPhone 4.0 and now the probabilities of the iPhone being unleashed from AT&T. Source – boygeniusreport.com


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