Apple iPad powered by A4 processor what’s in store for iPhone 4G

Well they have done it again, what is it with Apple and their ability to hype up a product convince you to free all rational thoughts and instead rely on emotional thoughts only?

Whether or not your one of many that have found yourself gazing at that iPad with its super sleek design a wonderful 10 inch multi touch screen and a rather affordable price there is one thing for sure Apple cut no corners when developing their first tablet.

What could this mean though for the next generation of iPhones which are expected to hit the market later on this year. Okay, now lets think about it, Apple’s next generation iPhone wont feature a multi touch display. It is almost for sure that Apple will either increase the screen size or the resolution or even both.

Probably one of the biggest surprises today was that the Apple iPad is actually powered by Apple’s own A4 processor, a good idea really as this is rather than relying on processor designs that they would have to pay to use. For more information visit intomobile.com

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