Nokia sees profit while Motorola shares fall

New models are said to be aiding both Nokia and Motorola Inc recapture the market share in smartphones Nokia see a profit from the gains but Motorola has predicted a loss in the current quarter.

Nokia have experienced their biggest one day gain in nine months at the same time Motorola shares dropped more than 11%. Both Nokia and Motorola have dominated the mobile industry in the past but have really felt the impact of the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry phone maker Research in Motion.

Nokia has actually halved its smartphone launch plans for 2010 and Motorola predict that Android smartphones will turn the company around. According to analysts the only clear market share loser was Apple which sold 8.7 million iPhones in the quarter shares in Apple dropped by 3.6%.

Nokia’s revenues from smartphones increased 26% from the pervious quarter to 3.9 billion euros. The price of an average smartphone dropped to 186 euros from 190 in the third quarter as the company attempts to win back customers with cheaper more affordable smartphones. Source – vancouversun.com

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