Nokia X6 16GB vs. Apple iPhone: Can it compete?

The Nokia X6 16GB smartphone is due to launch as of the 24th of February, and Nokia is planning a multimillion pound marketing campaign in support of their latest smartphone reports an article over on mobileoffers.

Nokia has revealed that their marketing budget for the Nokia X6 16GB is their biggest yet and is apparently to be pitted against the iconic iPhone, although I doubt even the Nokia X6 16GB will be able to compete against the might of the iPhone like so many others have failed to do.

The Nokia X6 16GB handset packs a 3.2 inch touch screen and reacts to UI control, and has a rotational QWERTY, and will be available in all black, white/pink, and white/yellow.

Nokia will promote the Nokia X6 16GB with TV adverts shown during the Champions League Football and will highlight the smartphone as the ‘ultimate entertainment device.’

So readers, what are your thoughts about the Nokia X6 16GB handset, can it really compete against the iPhone, feel free to drop us your thoughts in the comments section below.


57 thoughts on “Nokia X6 16GB vs. Apple iPhone: Can it compete?”

  1. Txiki says:

    No way Nokia X6 can compete with the apple iPhone. The iPhone in a class of its own. Its appstore, ipod music player and its user interface is second to none,.. Nokia has a lot of ground to cover really

  2. ham says:

    Sure it can.I have money for an Ipone but wont ever buy one as long as they dont allow user replaceable batteries (i like to swap out for a spare on the go), Iphone doesnt support Micro SD cards (which is also a Nokia 1st dissapointment and the most unfortunate thing about the X6 model) and Iphone is useless for browsing the net with no flash support. Iphone is too bulky whereas the X6 is perfectly pocketable. Nokia Battery has a better standby, the only thing the X6 could do with is autocorrect/word prediction on text message typing. Camera is better on the nokia too.Admit the Nokia Apps store is a joke.

    1. basith says:

      dont forget that you cannot do bluetooth file transfer on an iPhone
      apple keeps making new iPhone's every often
      now the apple iOS4 is not supported for iPhone 2G and similarly iPhone 3G will be deprived after a few months………………..

  3. jason king says:

    i would like to see nokia compete with the iphone but this phone just aint good enough. i know free nokia maps helps there cause but nokia need to look at other things, faster browsing, xenon flash camera etc. i love nokia phones for there user friendliness, but iphone wins. if apple release a new iphone with better camera etc, then nokia are stuffed.

  4. Olli-appleseed says:

    my dream-phone:
    iphone OS (capacitive-multi-touch screen), support flash, removable battery, >512 ram, >1ghz proz., >5MP cam, 2nd front cam and free navi-map.

  5. Griffin says:

    The iPhone is like all apple products over priced for what it is. There are better phones out there that beat the iPhone on a fair number of points. The x6 i would say is a superior phone in many areas to the iPhone

  6. Skip says:

    I bought an iphone for my son and I just got an x6 for myself. Now that I have used both I can say that its a toss-up between which is better. Had Nokia given the x6 expandable memory then I would have declared Nokia the winner. Although the iphone 3gs is fun and easy to use it is missing some important features such as flash support, replaceable battery, expandable memory, bluetooth for file-sharing or airplay. The Nokia X6 does not have the ‘fun factor’ of the iphone but it does have all the things that the iphone has and more. If only Nokia had given the X6 a micro SD slot I would be 100% satisfied with this phone.

  7. crazyfryk says:

    the x6 rocks, i already had the iphone 3g and i was going to get the new iphone 3gs but decided to get the nokia x6 coz its looks fab and it is fab. i would agree that the iphones are great coz of the apps however i’d prefer the x6 for a million reasons,, SKIP!! ID JUST LIKE TO SAY…Y ON EARTH WOULD U WNT MORE THAN 16GB OF MEMORY ON X6 OR 32GB… ID PERSONALLY THINK ITS MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!! NOKIA U RULE!!!!!!! X6 WHOOO WHOOO WHOOO WHOOO!!!!

  8. the arrow says:

    if upgrading from the n95 silver and happy with the phone in general,is the x6 a recommended upgrade ? i mean i am only looking for a phone basically not too many over features if you know what i mean……however i really enjoy the 5mp camera on the n95 and the video software – will i be happy with the x6 ?

  9. manish says:

    From all my experience I think that Nokia is the best company for mobile devices. I have used a lot of mobile phones and I have always have encountered problems with my other phones but never with the nokia. So I am going to buy the x6 that looks fabulous and promising.

  10. Avinash says:

    X6 over any Music phone….anyday!!

    Recently bought a Nokia X6, outcome of quite a lot market research & reference study…lolzzzz

    Being here in Qatar for the last 2 yrs have been a joyride…wished 2 buy a mobile which suits my habitat thoroughly…
    My idea was 2 have unlimited music, great pictures, cool looks & easy sharing facilities from my gizmo…

    I almost narrowed down on the Iphone when a friend suggested Nokia X6….

    A few hours of internet reference…a few calls to the customer support (call center) and it changed my mind completely…I bought a Nokia X6…I mean why not??
    A complete music phone plus Nokia’s own Music store to download unlimited music on to my X6 9free for 1 whole year)…and if that wasn’t enough…digital speakers which means unlike Iphone I can njy earphone less music too..
    5MP camera, Carl Zeins, double LED flash, 16 million colors, capacitive touch screen…blah blah…lolzzz….. I mean features that give Iphone a run for their money any day….
    With my cool new X6 I can record & click even in the dark (supports light with video rcrdin too…) and whats mre…add some cool internet package from Vodafone or Qtel & share/ upload everything direct from the device to all cool socio-friendly sites…like fb, twitter, orkut…etc etc…
    It also gives me an edge with its FREE NAVIGATION package…it has tons of superb software’s & program to be explored like weather updates, lonely planets and endless stuff backed by Nokia ovi stores….

    Its been a week only since I started exploring my new mate…but seems I am already in live with it…I am literally sleeping on it…lolzzz

    chk the link guys….


  11. sama says:

    I bought the X6 two days ago, and its very disappointing….
    The Wifi doesn’t work, every time I try to connect, the connection failed, and if its does for seconds it wont open any page.
    Its not user friendly, I don’t think its a powerful phone…..

  12. Edumd says:

    I had owned Nokia phones for many years and I can say they are going down the drain. I "hangs" everyday, power off your phone when you receive calls, Contacts do not appears. This is just a toy NOT a phone that can function. I had gone to the NOKIA Centre so many times and they could not do a thing about it. Forget NOKIA and go for a really phone that works like a phone.

  13. LufcJan says:

    I agree with Avinash's comments and it was his blog that swayed my decision to go with the X6…I purchased the X6 after owning an iphone 3g and 3gs. Although it does not fully compete with the iphone for its apps it is still an excellent easy to use phone…I am able to use in public without the 'am i going to be mugged' factor as everyone looks at you when you get your iphone out when on the train in a restaurant or shopping. The X6 is sleek, stylish and reliable….I am still playing around with it and once i have got to grips fully i'm sure it will serve me well….well done Nokia i'm impressed.

  14. Shanley says:

    U all have really have to compare this two phones.nokia?after all this years,nokia is the best in functioning,vdeo,camera,style,flash and n bla bla bla..yes i admit it.im a fan of nokia.all d latest phone they made ive been owned fellows.but d biggest problem is nokia always have d same problem.even they upgrading all d functioning or what so ever,d processor cannot satisfy me after i bought d iphone 3gs.yes,d iphone does not have all function like nokia does.but what is this iphone give u is a satisfaction.ive compare my x6 n 3gs.x6 n 3gs 32gb.u all can try maximize all d storage with video,mp3 n images.then try to use full functioning both of this phone.u will see the pro n con both of it.unfortunately theres only 1 phone is still running n suit u in fast respons,no hangs,n still can use it like a phone.gladly n proud to IPhone.:).its really fast respons even u maximize all d storage with ur data.i can web browsing in many page, in d same time,playing mp3,copy n paste image n lyrics,calling,opening apps.and d respons is unbelievable.:D.its exactly same when i bought d phone in new cond.:).d x6 cannot compete my friend…ive been upgrading my iphone to OS 4.reAlly satisfied.:).bout d function that iphone doesnt have like nokia x6?come on man,iphone is just 3rd generation nowdays.wait n see d new model of iphone later.haha..please,how much d model of nokia give us?its all crap with all their promotion.:D.its juz 32gb,but honestly we juz can use 50% of it.if not,it ‘hangs’..s***s!.dont worry,iphone will becoming much2 greater soon.haha..that day,bring d nokia’s compete with d iphone processor which is leading in making computer n laptops..what is this nokia’s processor using exactly that until this day they still cannot fix d major problem of their phone..does nokia can compete?we will see.

  15. whitefossil says:

    Compared in price: Nokia X6 can totally compete with with its features the iphone and is offered for half of the price!

    Another positive side for me: The Nokia X6 doesn't come with sim-lock! I have to change my sim-cards often because i cross the boarder severall times per month and have to use a prepayed-card there. Thats NOT possible with the iphone!

  16. KaNe says:

    if your one of these people like myself who forgets to charge there phone some nights you should not get an iphone the battery life is usless nokia all the WAY!!!!

  17. Rahul says:

    I have just bought Nokia X6 and i am totally satisfied with its performance. Its a lot slimmer than iphone in size, the screen resolution is much better than iphone the GPS connects quickly and does and extremely good job of taking you from point A to B. For me Nokia X6 is the clear winner. has got everything that an iphone has plus a lots more.

  18. rebecca says:

    I am so glad I have just read comments on this site…. I upgraded my phone today with o2…. I told them I was after something allot better than my current phone Nokia 6300 lol…. I mentioned the iphone…. I was able to get a 32gb s….. but then the lady asked if I had a lways had Nokias (which I have)… she mentioned the nokia x6 and said its basically nokias version of the iphone but better camera…. it was also cheaper monthly cost!…. not having seen this phone or anything I went with it!… I got home today and started paniking incase I had made a big mistake… from reading the reviews I am happy… and when I finally get it and have a play will leave my comments on it!

  19. yeah sure rebecca , i mean i was amazed after seeing the better camera quality and a plus factor the double led flash it is cool. you should also see the motion sensor games exactly similar or better than the iphone. the wifi…i've got nothing to say about it completely amazing real fast internet. i personally own an x6 16 GB and really it is a lot for me.

  20. steve says:

    is there a more beautiful looking phone than the x6. its dimensions are just perfect, not too big, not too small and most importantly its depth or thickness is spot-on. when you hold the x6 it gives you something to grip where-as the slab-type phones are more cumbersome to hold. the x6 has a brilliant camera with double led flash, a must for taking photos in low light as i have found a single led flash gives you a spot-light effect leaving the edges of the photo in darkness. the x6 has a beautiful 16:9 ratio screen and its picture/video quality is up there with the best of 'em. the one place where the x6 excels is its sound quality. it blows the other smart phones out of the water! i mean what other phone has not 1 but 2 top-end speakers. an iconic smart-phone from nokia. excellent!!!

  21. steve says:

    the other show-stealer is its 'comes-with-music' £20 worth of free downloads and quality bluetoot head-phones. they look and sound great. but the deal-maker for me was the sat-nav feature. an amazing piece of kit and scorchingly-hot at finding and routing addresses. i pitted it against my nexus 1 and it just left it standing. we are looking at load-up speeds of between 3 and 5 times faster. i was completely shocked as the nexus is like grease-lightning at every-thing else. this has to be one of the x6's finest achievements; out-speeding the fastest smart-phone out there today. amazing!!! all-in-all the x6 is a fantastic device and i think the most beautiful looking and most ergonomically designed smart-phone on the market today.

  22. Peri says:

    Amazing blog, I would like to know more on the other side of X6 like jailbroken iPhone.
    when the iPhone is jailbroken, it takes you to a diff dimension. there is an great developer group for iPhone. honestly I like the OS on the iphone except few pitfalls.

  23. BON says:

    I am about to upgrade and am trying to find a phone that has predictive text on a querty keyboard as I think that is excellent and cant' understand why all the new phones are going to QUERTY which requires two hands to do! 😉 I know the x6 has has alpha numeric keyboard options, but can you confirm that it does not have predictive text?

  24. Ray says:

    Ok, here is the deal. I like the Nokia X6 because these are important to me:
    1- Much better camera than iphone
    2- Believe it or not if you like me is a music lover. Music will sound much better played on Nokia.
    3- I dont want to pay $30 for a data plan when I can use wifi at starbucks or Mcdonalds and so many other places out there. GPS works and NO DATA PLAN IS REQUIRED
    4- Syncs my calender and contacts with outlook [which the iphone will do as well]
    5- Iphone's speaker phone is a joke over Nokia. We had to conference someone in for our meeting. One of the guy took his iphone out, sound was very weak. With the Nokia everyone could hear clearly.
    6- Dual speakers are great for music listening as well

    So to sum it up. If you need a smart phone for the basic reasons = Contact management / Calender / Good Camera / Great Music player / Loud and clear speakers / Free GPS / Wifi at public place and No data plan – Choise is simple Nokia X6 [No Brainer]
    You want a toy and spend countless hours on useless applications or have too much time on your hand and want to show off get a iphone.

    1. Evon says:

      Hello 😀
      i'm very keen on to buy a X6 after your comment but can i ask u two things?
      how long does the fully charged battery last you? as in how many days? and
      does the speaker have radio-like background interuptions when playing at louder volumes?

  25. allan says:

    hey guys.. just brought my daughter a nokia x6 16gb and all i can say is wow.. its great.. i have loaded it with music and films for her.. the camera is amazing as is the vid footage ya can take with this phone.. the best i have ever seen.. i was going to get a iphone on upgrade next month for my self but now im not so sure.. the nokia camera is much better and the iphone is so easy to use.. internet use is great and large touch screen works well. all in all a great lookin phone and i just cant fault it.. hope this helps ya gadget freaks make up ya mind..lol

  26. simon says:

    just been trying out X6 and like most things BUT what is the point of all the apps, especially maps, if one cannot see the screen in daylight? Does anyone know of a touch phone where this is possible yet? No don't sell me iphone 'cos that is no better. X6 is on the way back to seller from a disappointed punter.

  27. roxana v says:

    i have the iphone 3 and from nokia n95 too go to a low level phone is bad. appel is just a joke.cam is low ,no flash player and so on. i am sorry that i have iphone,but i will just change for the nokia x6. this phone is more smart then this appel joke.
    sorry for the ppl and me too that we dream never come true whit the mighty iphone. Hope the next generation 4 is better but i will not take a change again,never.
    Nokia have the best phones ever. thanks.

  28. i craig says:

    just gone back to a nokia X6 after returning the horrible i-phone i had just received on contract,i got the i-phone after all the reviews but couldnt live with it,way,way too bulky+i detest the apple operating system.
    now ive got a smart phone in my pocket rather than an i-phone "paperback" that was too big+bulky.
    after trying the apple thing for a week i cannot see what the attraction is?,gone back to nokia as i should have never left them.
    the X6 does everything it should very well,slightly better all round than my 5800 which is still an excellent phone.
    must be an ego thing with the apples,i was very dissappointed with the device,and the operating system drove me nuts,felt like smashing it to pieces,i will never,ever go near apple devices again.

  29. Angel says:

    hey ..i want to buy a new phone ..i do alot of research about iphone and nokia x6 ..but still Reluctant …could any one help me ?????????.

  30. Jennii says:

    i've heard this phone is great, better than the iphone, but is it better than the iphone4?
    and what's the music player like?
    personally i want apps, a good battery life, half decent camera and a very good music player.
    can anyone help me out? would i be better off spending loads on an iphone or less on the nokia x6?

  31. Shanley says:

    to all nokia fans : so guys,whats goin on??silence??come on,bring ur nokia’s greatest phone n compete with our new Iphone 4!!..lol!..demm,juz bought iphone 4..theres nothin can beat this phone EVER!!..hahaha..ive told u guys on my post before,but u all didnt listen.lol..forget bout d money,all i want is a satisfaction,quality,style,brand…oo yeah,THINK DIFFERENT..lol

  32. Puneet says:

    Reception issue was with the early lot of iphones which was overhyped but still it has huge demand, same thing happened with droidx which led to dead screen. Apple has offered replacement to anyone who has hardware issue with iphone. Just take a look at App store guys. Nokia sucks bigtime when it comes to apps and games they cannot even be compared to Iphone. My sis has Nokia x6. Ipod is the best music app against any device. So simply putting it X6 cannot be compared to Iphone.

  33. thehazefaze says:

    im getting the x6 and i must say, it is better than the i phone. the i phone costs way too much and the x6 is exactly the same, with a much cheaper price. the apps are great, exactly the same as the i phone. i would say, the x6 outclasses the i phone due to value for money, style, and performance

  34. tonzer says:

    hey .. i really agree with u guys ..

    i have read like a million of articles and subjects about nokia x6 just to know which phone is rally better

    we cant deny that iphone is good .. but for me nokia x6 is the best so far

    i will post and share my opinion about nokia x6 when i buy it and use it .. thanks 🙂

  35. Nokiaa (: says:

    I Just Bought the Nokia X6, i am extremely pleased with it i love it! The Iphone Is A very good Phone yess but in looks i prefer the Nokia, the sound quality is brilliant on the Nokia louder and clearer than the iphone, the features are more less teh same accept for the applications which still arent that bad on teh Nokia

  36. Manoj Gurazada says:


  37. vish says:

    The Main advantage of Apple is multitouch tapping. Otherwise there is no comparision with Nokia X6 at the price. I would suggest people to buy Nokia X6 and also Ipod Touch 64gb. Even then it will cost lower than 64gb iphone. you get all the nonsense apps from itunes on your itouch. meanwhile for a good phone enjoy X6. This is the best solution if people do not want to be left out on Apple. BTW I never owned Nokia prior to X6. But I did have the Apple Touch.

  38. alex says:

    I have an iPhone 3G. I was very excited about getting it, but nowdays I'm annoyed by the very primitive operating system. I feel like everything is around the iPhone 4 right now and the older users who don't want to upgrade are losers from an apple point of view.
    I am thinking about changing to another phone and I was testing a lot of them, but there is one big problem. Iphone's safari browser is very very good and I use my phone for surfing a lot.
    So you who used both devices (iphone 3G and X6), what is it like to use the X6's smaller screen and browser? Is it as easy to use as safari? Does the browser handle multi-touch?
    This is the dealbreaker for me. In any other features I agree that nokia is better.

  39. Specifications Mobile Nokia X6 8G http://www.technews5.com/2011/03/specifications-n
    2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
    3G Network HSDPA 900 / 1900 / 2100

    2010, June

    111 x 51 x 13.8 mm

    122 g

    Type:- TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    Size:- 360 x 640 pixels, 3.2 inches
    * Scratch resistant Gorilla glass display
    *Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
    *Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate

    Types Vibration; MP3 ringtones
    Loudspeaker Yes, with stereo speakers
    3.5mm jack Yes

    Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall
    Call records
    Detailed, max 30 days

    Memory Internal
    8 GB storage, 128 MB RAM

  40. Jade Santos says:

    i just buy the nokia x6 16gb last week, i can say the nokia still the best mobile brand when it comes to quality. it's friendly user the browsing is fast and battery really last for 3 days even i do internet, games, call and chatting. we also know iphone also good but u must be wise in buying think the quality and price is it worth it if they have almost the same function. so now i'm happy to my Nokia X6 16GB, i have good music, fast browsing to internet & wifi, good quality image camera & 3G, easy to handle and it's fit to my personality pretty, simple & smart : ) 88888

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