Three UK Boss Lambastes Overseas Mobile Internet Charges

Apparently Kevin Russell, the boss of Three UK has verbally bashed internet and email roaming charges abroad, and has called the “ludicrous and stupid” according to an article over on electricpig.

Three UK CEO Russell shows a disparity between UK data rate at on average £15 per 5GB and abroad in the EU at £6,250, and apparently even loading a couple of web pages on your mobile phone in the EU is like “dancing with death” or at least a 3 digit bill.

Russell says it is stupid and doesn’t believe anyone can stand up in support of it, and that the rates are silly and need to be addressed sooner than later.

Apparently, Tree plans on campaigning in both the UK and Brussels to have EY legislation changed and may well begin a consumer campaign that would be along the lines of the one Three and BT led to reduce costs to connect landlines to mobile phones.

To be quite honest, Russell is right, the EU have it their way far too much and something needs to be done so that UK customers abroad aren’t simply ripped off. I mean 5GB UK £15, 5GB EU £6250 ridiculous!

What are your views on this, feel free to drop us a comment below expressing your agreement or disagreement.

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