Video: Alcatel OT-980 Sports Android

A new mobile phone from Alcatel, the OT-980 will pack Android 1.6 OS and is scheduled to go with Orange sometime during the first half of this year reports an article over on android and me.

The Alcatel OT-980 features a 240 x 320 QVGA resistive touch screen, a 2 megapixel camera, accelerometer, compass, WiFi, 3G, A-GPS, microSD expansion, microUSB, 600MHz processor and a 1150mAh battery.

The Alcatel OT-980 seems to take its form factor hints from the likes of the Palm Pre, and although pricing isn’t yet known it is expected Alcatel will price the OT-980 below the HTC Tattoo before subsidy price of $300.

We have a quick video demo of the Alcatel OT-980 mobile phone for your viewing pleasure which lasts nearly two and a half minutes and can be viewed below…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Video: Alcatel OT-980 Sports Android”

  1. Scooterboy says:

    Be careful Just bought one and it's going back!

    It just won't connect to my pc because there is no software disc. Wasted an afternoon on the phone to them and was advised to download otc701 software which didn't work. Call centre gave up and advised me to e-mail!!!

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