Google Nexus One Phone on T-Mobile Soon: True or False?

Could this be just what we’ve been waiting to hear? It would seem that T-Mobile customers may soon be blessed with getting access to the Google Nexus One.

Winners of Consumer Operator of the year in 2007, T-Mobile currently brings over 16 million people in the UK closer together with the things that are important to them.

If we are to take seriously comments made by Robin O’kelly, T-Mobile UK’s head of corporate affairs then maybe just maybe this is something that is about to come true.

His comments included “T-Mobile in talks to range Nexus One,” he added that “we hope to come up with something very soon, we will let you know as soon as”. Don’t forget Vodafone have already confirmed that the Google Nexus One will be available on their network in the UK.
Source – itpro.co.uk

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