New iPhone 2010 needed considering Fourth Quarter Market Share Loss

Disappointment surrounds Apple’s iPhone at the moment following the recent published market share results. Maybe it is time for a new iPhone in 2010 in order to recoup.

Even though the iPhone accounted for around 16.6 of all smartphone sales this was still a drop from the previous quarter. According to reports from ABI Research.

Sales have obviously continued just not as quickly as Apple would have liked, and maybe the launch of Motorola’s devices on Google’s Android platform and the Nokia Oyj have had an impact on the iPhone’s sales.

It has been a while since Apple have taken a dive within the market share around a year ago the fourth quarter of 2008. Apple could be running into a case of Razr burn according to Michael Morgan analyst from ABI Research. After Motorola launched the device in 2004 it hit the top but gradually people became board with seeing the same thing after a couple of years. Source – blogs.wsj.com

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