Nokia N97 mini firmware update: v11.0.045 software available

Great news for all you people out their that have in your possession a Nokia N97 Mini as we have news of an update recently released for the Symbian based smartphone.

The update is more or less the same as the one released for the original N97 although having said that there are some little additions. It will bring your Nokia N97 Mini up to firmware version v11.0.045 and has some really nice enhancements.

Firstly you have more free RAM after boot, the call reliability has been improved, there have been amendments to the browser and to the music player. It is recommended that you do make a back up of the device, which can be performed with the file manager application. Ensure that your battery is charged fully.

Even though this device is known as the Nokia N97 Mini, it isn’t actually that much smaller than its brother. The touchscreen is smaller but is does have the same resolution. It has less internal memory but has a microSD memory slot which supports up to 16GB cards. To find out more visit brighthand.com


3 thoughts on “Nokia N97 mini firmware update: v11.0.045 software available”

  1. Rajesh says:

    Nokia N97 mini is the worst model among all of nokia model. its touch screen also failure. please don't buy Nokia N97 mini. I am very fed up with that model.

  2. tum says:

    n97 mini is rubbish touch screen freezes error msgs about available memory. Usb is faulty doesn’t function as a modem. How do i updte on the phone as only pc update is shown on phone.

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