Mobile World Congress 2010 to see Samsung Super AMOLED Phone

It’s not just an AMOLED packing smartphone, it’s a Super AMOLED smartphone from Samsung which apparently pack the new 800 x 480 pixels display, and according to an article over on engadget we are soon to see what it looks like.

The word is Samsung is to reveal their first Super AMOLED display handset during Mobile Worlds Congress in Barcelona next week.

Apparently the Samsung Super AMOLED phone panel is 5 times ‘clearer’ with 20 percent better visibility when you use the handset outdoors, which is one of the big weaknesses with AMOLED sporting handsets such as the Nexus One.

No other news on any other specifications this Samsung Super AMOLED phone may have but we guess it will probably pack Samsung’s Bada operating system; more as and when we know.

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