Pre order your Google Nexus One now in UK

Just one month since the launch of the Google Nexus One it would seem that we are a little bit closer to getting it here.

Yes that’s right here in the UK. You can pre order your Google Nexus One from Gadget emporium Play.com for the sum of well a little bit on the heavy side really £599.

The site advertises that the Android 2.1 phone will be available from the 16th February that’s a week away. Shipping will take just 3-4 working days and what‘s more your phone will be unlocked to any network.

So in theory you could be using yours by the 20th February, sadly though UK models wont have the very much talked about multitouch support, nor will it have Google Navigation. You will however be proud to state that you have what is potentially an Apple iPhone killer and probably the best Android phone yet. Source – t3.com


3 thoughts on “Pre order your Google Nexus One now in UK”

  1. mjd says:

    Don’t know why anyone would pay £599, bought mine direct from Google at 11pm on 5th Jan and it arrived by 11am on the 8th Jan, only came to £420 including dhls £60 import tax and now Google have released the update that adds multitouch to the browser, maps and gallery, although I added the update manually, no rooting involved and really easy online instructions how to do it. Sadly no navigation yet though, as with anything the phones not perfect but I prefer this to my retired iPhone 3g

  2. It’s over £630 from Amazon! How mental is that? So much for the rumours of a $199 Nexus one, more like $1020! I totally agree with you mjd, why anyone would preorder over here is beyond me. If you want one, order from Google. Wasn’t that meant to be point of the Nexus one anyway?

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