Nokia 5233 Touchscreen Phone: Would you buy it?

The mid-range touch screen mobile phone market is a tough place with much competition; this is where the Nokia 5233 touch screen phone sits and is apparently the cheapest touch screen mobile you can purchase in India at Rs. 7850, reports infocera

The Nokia 5233 is built for entertainment, sports a 3.2 inch touch screen, and touch user interface, Nokia Ovi player, FM radio, social network access, email, Bluetooth, GPS with Ovi Maps, and a battery life of up to 7 hours.

Along with the Nokia 5233 handset in India the buyer also receives an AC-8 charger, WH-102 stereo headset, PlectrumStylus CP-306, BL-5J battery and user guide, and is available in vibrant black and red colours.

We also have a short first impressions video of the Nokia 5233 for your viewing pleasure below so check it out, but the thing is this this…would you buy it?


4 thoughts on “Nokia 5233 Touchscreen Phone: Would you buy it?”

  1. AndyG says:

    The 5233 does have a MicroSD card slot. I moved a 8GB card from an N85 into it and everything
    apart from the maps worked fine.

    The 5233 Does not have a GPS receiver. I bought this device as a quick/cheap replacement for
    my old N85 which I destroyed accidently by taking it for a swim. I read on Nokia spec for the 5233
    that it had A-GPS. This I wrong assumed meant it had a GPS receiver.

    Apart from the GPS issue the 5233 is a good buy, fast responsive, and well built. The 2MB pixel
    camera perfoms well in low light conditions.

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