RIMs BlackBerry Storm 2 not one of the best

Well RIM Research In Motion were in a hurry to get the new BlackBerry Storm out into the open so much so they didn’t have time to give it a stylish catchy name instead it is known as none other than the BlackBerry Strom 2.

The intention of the Storm 2 was really to come up with a touchscreen BlackBerry that works as good as the first one. Have they managed to do that though? Not really some would say however, it is a capable device but definitely not one of the best BlackBerrys.

One of the most popular points of the BlackBerry is the QWERTY keypad, now the Storm 2 has a touchscreen and therefore that’s where the keypad is, it has the same QWERTY format that is seen on their candybar phones. The MP3 player has a really good sound to it and is a pleasure to listen to.

It has the push email service, and great for the teenage girls the BBM BlackBerry Messenger. The App World for BlackBerry isn’t the largest app store obviously but it does seem to have a lot of what you may want. To read more information on the BlackBerry Storm 2 visit techhuman.com

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