MWC 2010 Long Term Evolution hot topic & Google Android

Well, as we all know the Mobile World Congress is well underway in Barcelona, and there is a whole lot going on. Two things that are a extremely popular talking point is the advance of Google’s Android OS and LTE Long Term Evolution one of the two prominent 4G wireless interfaces.

Google Android has come on leaps and bounds over the last year, by the end of the year it had transformed itself and had a number of visible smartphones to offer. Including the Motorola Droid, then in January Google released its very own Google Nexus One.

The 4G wireless interface otherwise known as LTE which if you didn’t know stands for Long Term Evolution is already being backed by a number of big names out there. And it is almost impossible to go through a couple of hours without someone, somewhere mentioning LTE.

We are all still keeping our eyes and ears open and alert on the subject of Windows Mobile 7 and Microsoft and of course any more news on the possibility of Zune phone which we all want to hear more about. Want to know more then visit crn.com

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