Samsung Wave S8500 with Bada more details

As we were expecting Samsung have unveiled the Samsung Wave today in Barcelona, this is the first which is to use Samsung’s new open mobile platform Samsung Bada.

This device has a superb high quality touch screen AMOLED 3.3 inch WVGA display, there is also a social hub which will integrate connections and contacts. It includes TouchWiz 3.0 which gives a customizable user interface.

The Samsung Wave has the very first super AMOLED display which will give you a much clearer display. You can change the layout of the home page to enable you to get instant access to Facebook and a lot of other social networking services.

Love music, then change your homepage into a media player. Customize your homepage with your favourite pictures and images. The choice is yours. You can also benefit from the quick panel which allows you to prioritize applications into one simple screen for instant access. Download all the apps you want from Samsung Apps which is accessible from your phone itself and also online. Source – gizmag.com

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