Something Newer than Android 1.6 Coming on Dell Mini 5?

Apparently the people at Dell have said that when their latest Android handset comes out to play it will run ‘something newer’ than Android 1.6, but wouldn’t say exactly what, reports an article over on engadget.

Then again, due to Google’s speedy development pace with the Android OS, Dell probably doesn’t know themselves what Android version the Dell Mini 5 will run at the moment.

However, apparently there was mention of Flash compatibility, which suggest something quite fresh will be required, and there was also mention that the Dell Mini 5 would be totally upgradeable.

Sets a bit of a mystery doesn’t it, but just how all this will turn out remains to be seen; it looks like Android Éclair will be the starting point with the Dell Mini 5 but by the time it hits the public it could well run ‘something newer.’

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