MWC 2010 A mobile phone that you control by moving your eyes

DoCoMo has showed at the Mobile World Congress something truly unbelievable, a prototype mobile phone that you control with your eyes.

Electrodes which are attached to a set of earphones actually pick up the movement of your eye. Apparently our eyes have electrical potential with the positive at the cornea and negative at the retina and this changes as we move our eyes.

Amazingly this prototype even works when the eyes are closed. Electrooculogram is the electrodes reading the changing currents. The phone itself is programmed to translate the information by simple commands.

So in an nut shell, you can make a call or answer a call just by moving your eye balls from right to left and back to the right again.. Even music on the phone can be played or paused again just by movement of the eye, and you can even skip tracks, turn up the volume or down. It is only a prototype but it does show the way we may be using our phones in years to come. Source – telegraph.co.uk

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