MWC 2010 Video: BlackBerry WebKit Browser Demo by RIM

Although it has been kind of quite at Mobile Word Congress 2010 in Barcelona where Blackberry smartphone Research In Motion is concerned, RIM has demonstrated a new BlackBerry WebKit Browser reports an article over on crackberry.

Apparently RIM co-founder and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis took centre stage to speak about the new BlackBerry WebKit Brower, and was then follows an hour later by Research In Motion’s director of relations, Mika Kirkup giving a brief walkthrough of what is in store for the BlackBerry WebKit Browser at BlackBerry Developer day.

Of course as this is Mobile World Congress 2010, both events where captured on video and we have both videos for your viewing pleasure below. The first is of Lazaridis and the second is Kirkup, and both lasting just over the minute mark.

Unfortunately though neither of them happened to drop an inkling as to just when BlackBerry users will be able to get their hands on the new BlackBerry WebKit Browser, but as soon as we know we’ll pass it along.

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