Google Nexus One can do HTC Desire ROM

The HTC Desire has just been unveiled over at Mobile World Congress 2010, and as most are aware the HTC Desire hardware is basically the Nexus One superphone with the addition of HTC Sense user interface, so it makes ideal for a little hacking.

And according to an article over on engadget, a member of xda-developers has now managed to port the HTC Desire ROM over to the Google Nexus One so the Nexus One gains a little Sense.

Apparently though, the Nexus One’s internal storage wasn’t big enough for the system file and thus some ingenuity in moving a few things around was needed, but accomplished.

The result is it’s a start, and not everything is working just yet, however apparently it includes Flash 10.1 and is enabled, so once it’s all sorted the hack should be a hot little number.


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  1. Jassen says:

    The Nexus One, and HTC Desire are essentially the same hardware, except the Desire has 567MB Ram vs Nexus One – 512MB Ram. The extra in Desire is probably to accommodate the new Sense UI

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