LG’s mid range GT450 Android phone

As we know so far LG seem to have been taking a sideward glance at the Android race, although making those promises so far they haven’t really happened.

However, the GT450 follows from the GW620 Intouch Max from the Korean company, although it was a nice device the GW620 it wasn’t quite what people had expected.

The GT450 has some great features and its price is said to be reasonable also. It would appear to be a premium phone although aimed at the middle of the range market. Its got a lovely brushed aluminium style which feels nice and smooth in the hand and has a great 3.2 inch screen which is very bright and clear.

The Android system being used is pretty cool though which uses the better bits of the GW620 Intouch Max and adding some extra bits of its own. There are two choices of home screen either the vanilla Android experience or the LG customised one. Source – techradar.com


One thought on “LG’s mid range GT450 Android phone”

  1. Janicecassidy_77 says:

    had to take phone back to shop twice, took the manager 2 hrs to set it up properly which should have been done before i left the shop the first time! would not recommend the phone as u need to subscribe to get all features, previously had lg with no problems have now went to samsung :(, ive had nothin but trouble from the day i bought the phone

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